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Best Guitar Effects Pedals 2017 by Vintage King

Oh damn! Dustin at Vintage King and Vintage King Los Angeles throned the Ottobit Jr. as their #1 BEST pedal of 2017.
Our Polymoon is listed as their #2 favorite.  He writes, “A hard toss up between this and the Polymoon, but the Ottobit Jr. is a pedal I’ve wanted to exist for years. Innovative and cutting edge, the Ottobit Jr. is a bit crusher with the smoothest filter in a pedal I’ve ever heard, a stutter effect and most importantly, the six step sequencer. The expression control on the Ottobit Jr. is key to really expanding on it’s best features. You can just control the filter rocking your foot back and forth or turn your six-step sequence into a 12-step sequence or sweep between major and minor scales. Sure, it’s excellent for chip tune and 8-bit bleeps and bloops but the sonic architecture of this pedal is so complex and musical. It really shines on any source.