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Desktop Editor/Librarian for LVX

Now available for free. Our 1st ever Editor/Librarian focusing on LVX first. For MAC/PC desktop only. Get to the Chopper!

Robust and Intuitive

New Heights in Speed

With quick drag and drop methods, prEDITOR allows easy organization of presets, libraries and import/exports. This will take the award winning LVX to NEW heights and speed.

Quickly create patches and libraries

Intuitive Organizing

prEDITOR allows you to quickly create presets, move them around, select your favorites, duplicate, swap, delete, assign your left and right favorites, import/export, access globals quickly and organize libraries.

Jinna Kim

Creative Director

Take LVX to the next level in speed. My goal was allow super easy I/O, endless preset building and organization, so you can keep creating.

  • Import presets using quick drag and drop method
  • Rename, duplicate, swap, export, delete, move around and add description/tags of presets
  • Instant R-click to reset preset (or blank a preset)
  • Drag and drop to copy or move full banks
  • Import/export, create new, duplicate and delete full libraries
  • Drag and drop between libraries for easy organization in LIBRARY ORGANIZER
  • LIVE DEVICE sync and on-the-fly auditioning with safeguard editing
  • Assign your favorites bank using easy drag and drop
  • Quickly assign LF/RF (Left Favorite/Right Favorite)
  • Smoothly change parameters with intuitive CATEGORIES section
  • Instant GLOBALS access
  • Always available FACTORY PRESETS

For prEDITOR to work, you’ll need 5 things:

  • Update LVX to the latest firmware
  • Download prEDITOR app
  • Solid power supply (9V DC 300 mA) to sync LVX
  • MIDI 5 pin DIN cables
  • Compatible MIDI device (list is in READ ME file)

Minimum OS Requirement:

MAC – 10.15.7 and above

PC – Windows 10 and above

Recommended and Tested MIDI Devices:

  • CME U2MIDI Pro
  • Yamaha MD-BT01
  • Widi Master Bluetooth
  • MOTU M4
  • Morningstar MC6 PRO – Note:  For connection, please refer to Morningstar’s manual.
  • Morningstar MC8 – Note:  For connection, please refer to Morningstar’s manual.
  • Morningstar MC6 MkII – Note:  For connection, please refer to Morningstar’s manual.
  • Strymon Conduit (use Port 5) – Note:  Be sure to unplug 9V power supply on Conduit and power only via USB.
  • MOTU MIDI Express 128

Patchstorage for LVX