Vintage King Audio Video Interview with Terry and Angelo

NEW Interview with Terry + Angelo.  We’ve been fortunate to be asked by Vintage King Audio to do an interview.  We’re honored to be part of their documentary series.  Vintage King is the foremost pro audio dealer (in the US) when we started our pro audio brand back in 2014.  They believed in us from Day 1 and we’ll never…

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“Meris has rapidly become a respected name in high-end digital effects.” –  Here’s the latest interview with Terry and Angelo:…/interview-meris-founders-on-self-funding-and-the-guitar-industry-in-2019 Topics include how we got into the business of making pedals, self funding, etc.

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Tone Mob Interview with Terry and Angelo (Meris)

Listen to Terry and Angelo’s 1st interview with Tonemob . Blake Wyland says, “The Meris guys are great and their products are great. What lovely chaps to talk to. Terry and Angelo sat down to talk with me about alllll kinds of stuff. Including their history with Line6 and Strymon. Yes. You thought these were some new kids on the block,…

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Pull Up LA – Meris will be at LA Pedal/Synth Expo

Terry + Angelo will be at the 1st Los Angeles Pedal and Synth Expo (LA Stompbox/Synth Exhibit) on Nov. 3-4 2018.  Location:  DAF Studios near Echo Park (12-7 Saturday, 10-5 Sunday.) FREE RSVP! Meet the actual engineers + check out Meris gear.  Hollar all you brother/sister companies that are joining as well.  See you there. Pic by Paul Hanaoke

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Knobs Unleashes Meris Trio Demo Video

Watch/ listen to Knobs create swirling, twinkling, maniacal and lush soaring sounds using the Polymoon, Mercury7 and Ottobit Jr.  He says, “There’s a wonderful intent behind Meris stuff, the pieces just fit together so seamlessly.  Lovable and refined, brimming with treats.” Instruments used:  Guitar – Danelectro Dead on ’67 Amp – Fender Blues Jr, Fender Excelsior Synths: Korg Arp Odyssey…

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NYC!!! Meet Meris at the Brooklyn Synth/Pedal Expo – June 9-10

NYC Friends! June 9-10, Meris will be at the Brooklyn Synth/Pedal Expo at the Absurd Conclave (in Bushwick). Swing on by and we’ll have some purchasing incentives (exclusive to Expo visitors only). We’re throwing in a FREE MIDI I/O ($89 value) with an order of a pedal. Plus you can meet Terry and Angelo.

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“I can easily have carried on for hours.” – SOS Magazine + Winner of Guitar Mag Award

Contributor Bob Thomas via Sound on Sound Magazine reviews the Polymoon in May 2018 issue.  “Although newcomers to the pedal market, California-based Meris should be well-known to SOS readers for their studio gear – their 500-series 440 mic preamp, Ottobit bit-crusher and Mercury7 algorithmic reverb all impressed us and each enjoyed very positive reviews.  With a feature set and level of…

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Meris MIDI I/O + Preset Switch Now Available

Now available are highly anticipated Meris MIDI I/O and Preset Switch.  Watch/listen as Terry demonstrates the ultimate midi interface and preset switch for all of your Meris pedals. Unlock unlimited remote capabilities with MIDI I/O.  Get instant compact control with the Meris Preset Switch.  Click links below for official video demos.

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Top 10 Pedals of 2017 by Pedals and Effects

Pedals and Effects crowned Ottobit Jr. AND Mercury7 as their “Top 10 Pedals of 2017.”  Watch the video. (Nick on the Ottobit Jr.) – “This is THE glitch pedal of 2017.” (Juan on the Mercury7) – “It just sounds like shit you hear in a movie….I do these big low-end swoops and this whole room feels like it’s gonna explode…

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Best Guitar Effects Pedals 2017 by Vintage King

Oh damn! Dustin at Vintage King and Vintage King Los Angeles throned the Ottobit Jr. as their #1 BEST pedal of 2017. Our Polymoon is listed as their #2 favorite.  He writes, “A hard toss up between this and the Polymoon, but the Ottobit Jr. is a pedal I’ve wanted to exist for years. Innovative and cutting edge, the Ottobit Jr. is a…

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