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440 Mic Preamp


The ultimate mic pre for recording guitar. Designed and Manufactured in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

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Get Big Studio Console Sound on your Tracks

Install a 440 mic pre into any 500 series compatible chassis. Have legendary tone and integrate post effects pedals into your signal chain with ease.

Angelo Mazzocco

DSP Engineer

Starting 25 years ago, recording to multitrack in frigid Detroit area basements, I’ve been constantly searching for the perfect guitar tone. The 440 is really a swiss army knife for recording guitars. I couldn’t live without the 440’s pedal level send and return.


Explore the 440

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Adjust for up to 60 dB of gain from the input section.


Adjust to trim output level from -27dB to +12dB.


Engage to pad the input by 20dB for hot input signals. Active when switch is in the UP position.

Phase Switch

Engage to invert signal phase. Phase is inverted in the UP position.

Phantom Power

Switch UP to activate +48V phantom power for condenser mics and others that may require it. LED is lit when active.


High-Shelf boost switchable between 4kHz and 7kHz. Center switch position is FLAT.

High-Pass Filter

High-Pass filter switchable between 80Hz and 200Hz. Center switch position is FL.

Effects Send

Effects send is an pedal level output signal. Connect to the input of your effect pedal(s). This signal occurs post the pad, phase, and H.P. & H.S. filter sections.

Effects Return / D.I.

Effects Return is a high impedance pedal level input. Connect to the output of your effect pedal(s). The Return can also be used as an instrument D.I. When used as a D.I. the OUTPUT control is used to adjust D.I. gain up to +22dB. An instrument input here does not pass through the pad, phase or H.P. and H.S. filter circuits.

Premier Solution for Recording Guitar

Classic American Console Sound

From the legendary Cinemag input and output transformers to the high performance hybrid-discrete opamps, our engineers carefully made every design decision with the highest sonic performance in mind.

Johnny Marr stands by his 440s "Class and classic, the Meris 440 is the one"

SOUND CLIPS Make Your Everyday Recording Life Easier

Sound Clips

Delay in Effects
High-Pass & High-Shelf Filters
Reverb in Effects Loop

Designed as the ultimate mic preamp for recording guitar. Install into your 500 series lunchbox and connect your post effects pedals to the loop. Your guitar & amp will love it.

  • Legendary Cinemag Input and Output transformers for classic American mic pre tone
  • Hybrid-Discrete opamps receiving and driving each respective transformer section
  • Pedal friendly post effects loop. Interface with pedals at levels that won’t clip
  • High Pass Filter selectable between 80Hz and 200Hz
  • Custom 7kHz or 4kHz High Shelf filter optimized for achieving a finished tone when recording guitar
  • 20dB Pad, Phase Reverse and Phantom Power toggles
  • Premium components throughout the all Analog signal path
  • Designed and built in Los Angeles, California  U.S.A
  • Up to 60dB of gain at the input section
  • Output trim -27dB to +12dB (occurs pre-output transformer to preserve output transformer secondary impedance)
  • 12dB / octave High-Pass: 80Hz or 200Hz corner frequency
  • High-Shelf boost: + 3dB at 4kHz or 7kHz corner frequency
  • 20Hz to 20kHz flat frequency response (+/-.3 dB) with all filters disengaged
  • -130dBu EIN (A-weighted)
  • 1Meg Ohm input impedance at Return/D.I. input


Well-designed, and even at high volume levels the noise just isn’t there.

The 440 is primarily designed to help you get great guitar tones right out of the box, although there are a lot of versatile features that make it great for other sources.
Well built, great design, filters and shelf EQ are quite usable and do what they should, great price.

Matt Vanacoro

Ask Audio Magazine
Full Review

What really sets the Meris 440 apart from the countless other 500-series mic preamps is the send/return pair of 1/4″ jacks on its front panel for use as an effects-pedal loop, post amplifier and mic.

The Meris 440 is marketed as a go-to guitar preamp, but I found that it also sounded great on everything else I threw at it, including vocals, drums and keys. The sound was way closer to “done” and had a nice midrange quality that was well balanced.

Geoff Stanfield

Tape Op Magazine
Full Review

Undeniable—immediate purchase recommended!

The Meris 440 is a good buy for a nice and clean transformer coupled preamp. Throw in its effects loop and you have an intriguingly artsy device for only a small cash outlay. Throw in those filters and shelves and you have a mic amp so versatile that it is undeniable—immediate purchase recommended!

Rob Tavaglione

ProSound News
Full Review

The 440 acquits itself supremely well, boasting – unsurprisingly enough -API-like qualities of weight, definition and mid-range clarity.

My Fender bass sounded spectacular, with plenty of low-end punch and every tonal variation between its pickups revealed in detail.
…vocals were rendered clearly, and a transient-rich percussion session went flawlessly.

Ingmar Kiang

Sound On Sound Magazine
Full Review

The 440 is a guitarist’s dream pre, allowing you to either re-amp with effects or a nice boost before your guitar hits the amp.

I love the almost finished texture the 440 gives straight out of the box. It really takes the work out of tracking and lightens the workload of mixing. Tracks just sit well in the mix with the 440 no matter what you’re recording. You will soon be using guitar delays on vocals, trust me it’s really fun. Versatility is definitely a strong suit in this preamp, working stellar on vocals, acoustic guitar, and especially bass drum.

Everything Recording

Everything Recording
Full Review