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Terry Burton


Meris reflects Terry’s new focus on high end studio electronics. Previously the founder of Strymon, Terry is a Hardware & Software Engineer who also worked for many years as a hardware designer for Line6. Also founder of 7 Electrons, an Art & Engineering blog he and Jinna host on the side.

Jinna Kim

Creative Director

Jinna is a multimedia designer with extensive experience in numerous L.A. design agencies. Her clients include companies like Disney, Sony Pictures, Cisco, General Motors, Lexus, Food Network and various network TV. In the past she has created highly successful brand identities/designs for both Strymon and DragonFrame. Jinna also co-founded and hosts an Art & Engineering blog, 7 Electrons with Terry.

Angelo Mazzocco


Angelo got his professional start at Line 6, where as a DSP Engineer he’s made his mark.  He has created unique one-off instruments and DSP code for Eddie Van Halen, The Edge, Lyle Workman, Dweezil Zappa, Paul McCartney’s guitarist Rusty Anderson, and more. He collaborated with Jeorge Tripps on the ToneCore pedals (e.g. Echo Park), the first ever compact stompboxes to feature a 100MHz DSP.

More than Logic. Uniting Art & Engineering.

This is what we’ve been dreaming of. We live for the vast and unlimited world of music. Crafting gear that drives your Art with new sounds and sparks a thrill in your heart … that’s why Meris exists. Our kindred troop of Engineers and Artists is forged by our ethos: “More than logic, Uniting Art & Engineering.” Join us.

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