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How does the stereo linking cable work on Meris 500 Series modules?

The stereo linking cable is a simple cable which is installed between 2 of our DSP driven 500 series modules. It allows a “master” module to send all parameters to a 2nd unit in the rack. This way 2 Mercury7 reverb modules, for example, can be linked together to synchronize their parameters. The “master” end of the stereo linking cable is indicated by a piece of white heat shrink tubing.

Which expression pedals are supported by Meris?

Our effects pedals can interface with almost any standard expression pedal with a TRS style 1/4″ cable. The Moog EP-3 or Dunlop DVP3 are both good choices.

How do you control Meris pedals via MIDI?

Our EXP jack can be configured in the global settings to accept MIDI input and also send MIDI data. In order to adapt to the 5 pin DIN MIDI standard, an external adapter is required. We are currently working on a standalone Meris MIDI I/O solution which will work seamlessly with Meris pedals.

In the meantime, you have a few options:
Empress Midibox 2 will work however 1 resistor needs to be changed.  At this time, R8, R10, R12 and R14 need to be changed to 100 ohm 1/4W resistors for compatibility. Empress has stated this will not void your Midibox2 warranty.) The internal switch on the midibox2 should also be set to “MIDI return on jack 1 ring”.
Chase Bliss Audio Midibox:  Only brand new ones are compatible-ready with Meris pedals.  You will also need a proper patch cable.