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“I can easily have carried on for hours.” – SOS Magazine + Winner of Guitar Mag Award

Contributor Bob Thomas via Sound on Sound Magazine reviews the Polymoon in May 2018 issue.  “Although newcomers to the pedal market, California-based Meris should be well-known to SOS readers for their studio gear – their 500-series 440 mic preamp, Ottobit bit-crusher and Mercury7 algorithmic reverb all impressed us and each enjoyed very positive reviews.  With a feature set and level of modulation that’s far beyond anything I’ve previously seen in a pedal, the Polymoon illustrates just how far delay technology has evolved in recent years.  It’s powerful, inspiring digital delay processor that can produce effects of stunning quality and detail, and the 24-bit conversion and 32-bit DSP result in no audible degradation of the signal.”  “….I indulged in a period of experimentation with guitar and synthesizer – and I could easily have carried on hours!  I’ve never before had the pleasure of using a delay pedal that’s capable of the detailed modulation offered by the Polymoon.  Read the full article here.