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LVX startup delay mod for increased 3rd party power supply compatibility

During development of LVX, our own 9V power supply, MXR and Cioks supplies were used for testing. After the initial release of LVX some users have reported that certain 3rd party power supplies were not powering up their LVX consistently.
We have developed a hardware startup delay mod which increases compatibility with a wider range of 3rd party power supplies. The mod is already included on any LVX shipped direct from Meris as of Nov 10, 2022.
This mod is not a requirement, and if your LVX is already powering up great with your current supply, no need to do anything at all. LVX owners wishing to receive this mod can contact our support staff here: Customers outside of the USA will be able to receive service from Meris authorized distributors for your region (please contact us and we’ll get you in touch with their service departments).

Initial 3rd party power supplies tested to be compatible:
– Meris 9V power supply
– MXR Mini Iso-Brick
– MXR Iso-Brick
– Cioks DC7
ADDITIONAL 3rd party power supplies tested to be compatible after startup delay mod:
– Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 3
– Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4×4
– Strymon Zuma
– Strymon Ojai
– Voodo Lab X8
– Trutone 1 SPOT Pro CS12
– Cioks Ciokolate
– Rockboard ISO Power Block 9
(this list will be updated as more supplies are tested for compatibility)