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NEWS: LVX 1st Firmware Update v1.1.0

Our 1st and significant LVX firmware update v1.1.0 is now available.
Check out our video manual to hear the NEW features and enhancements. Learn step by step how to install the firmware update.

Download the Firmware update from the LVX product page.
After download, be sure to unzip the file. Instructions are in the READ ME pdf.
If download is unsuccessful, try R clicking and hit ‘Save Link As’.

New Features
• New Damping control for delay types. (Damping at zero is the original LVX voicing for all Types)
• For Digital, the Damping control allows you to darken your repeats
• For BBD, the Damping control alters the filter structure around the bucket brigade clock, with no clock noise preset when
damping is set to 100%
• For Tape, the Damping control changes the filter structure and ages the tape to allow for darker timbres
• New Half Speed Delay Parameter – allows half speed sounds for all structures
• New Hold Modifier, when assigned this modifier lets you hold the current preset footswitch to control a parameter. You can
also trigger a Hold via MIDI (CC 118)
• Expression parameters can now be controlled by other modifiers via new Source parameters, this lets you assign up to 7
parameters to a single modifier
• New Character Delete and Character Insert for preset naming (when naming, push C3 to delete, push C1 to insert)
• New Full Name Clear, when the naming field is highlighted in Save As View, hold C1 for a full instant erase of the name
• MIDI command to enter Tuner mode (CC 117 to enter/exit Tuner mode)
• MIDI command for Tap Tempo switch (CC 99 is used for a Tap press)

Enhancements and Bug fixes
• New taper for Analog Mix to better match DSP Mix taper
• Sped up digital potentiometer transition time to improve patch switching performance
• Improved phase synchronization in Mono Mode for delay types
• Improved phase synchronization in Mono Mode for delay note division changes
• Filter Resonance UI code now allows for a Q value of 1
• Fixed MIDI Omni bug when controlled by an encoder
• Expanded CC data for Looper Half Speed / Reverse switch: Data < 63 provides Half Speed Toggle and Data >= 63 provides
Reverse Toggle
• Improved Memory clearing for the PolyChroma effect during preset transitions
• Added instructional text to the Firmware Update Screen
• Disabled the envelope modifier in Bypass to remove false triggers
• Reversed the Delay Multi Structure’s Pan control to correctly match left and right
• Quick Save via active/lit LED button now works in Save As View
• New Factory Reset View with Start and Cancel buttons
• Minor change to the compressor for tighter input tracking
• Fixed the behavior for Favorite Parameters assigned to Type: None