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everything recording_Meris_440

We’re proud to have received acclaimed reviews from magazines like Sound On Sound, Tape Op and ASK AUDIO.  We greatly embrace independent blogs that have also taken the time to review our Meris 440 Pre Amp.  We’re excited to have received overwhelming positive feedback from fans and/as well professional industry leaders.  Here’s a wonderful article from Everything Recording.  Read here.

Here are few excerpts from the article:

“…the 440 is a guitarist’s dream pre, allowing you to either re-amp with effects or a nice boost before your guitar hits the amp.”

“I love the almost finished texture the 440 gives straight out of the box. It really takes the work out of tracking and lightens the workload of mixing. Tracks just sit well in the mix with the 440 no matter what you’re recording.”

“You will soon be using guitar delays on vocals, trust me it’s really fun. Versatility is definitely a strong suit in this preamp, working stellar on vocals, acoustic guitar, and especially bass drum.”

Thank you Everything Recording!  Check it out! :)