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CXM 1978 – Chasebliss X Meris

A Revisit:  On October 1, 2020, we announced our very 1st collaboration; CXM 1978™, a new Automatone reverb with Chase Bliss.  100% internal DSP hardware and algorithms were designed and manufactured by Meris while the robust industrial housing was made by Chase Bliss.  The CXM 1978 offers a modern take on its inspiration. Armed with 3 massive algorithms, CXM 1978 takes your guitars and synths to new lush soundscapes.

Features include:
Moving Faders with presets & MIDI Control
32 Bit AD/DA
LoFi, MidFi + HiFi Mode for classic to modern sounds
3 Classic Algorithms (Hall, Room, Plate)
Adjustable Decay Crossover for fully shapeable reverb tail
Expression pedal control over all sliders
+/-15V internal rails (via standard 9V input) for line level signals
Stereo input and output

Final assembly, moving fader hardware and analog audio path designed and manufactured by Chase Bliss.
Both Meris and Chase Bliss manufacture in USA.

Chase Bliss visits our headquarters while we build a CXM 1978 prototype.