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Noveller (Sarah Lipstate) credits the Mercury7

Originally a customer and now a rad friend, Noveller gives props on the Mercury7 in Reverb’s recent interview here.
“Right before Helium, a friend told me that I had to check out the Meris Mercury7 Reverb pedal, which is stereo. So I was totally stoked to go check it out.  I went to the Mesa Boogie shop in Hollywood and played around with it and immediately dropped like 300 bucks on it. I brought it home and left for tour two days later. The pedal is pretty deep, and I figured out how to use all of the controls. The knobs have their primary function and then they have secondary functions as well, so I thought that was going to trip me up, but it was actually pretty easy to get the hang of.It can do so many things. It has this pitch vector parameter, which is basically just all of this modulation that I was pretty much incorporating into my set as the tour was happening. So in real time, I was figuring things out in this live environment, which was really cool. It was great to develop that chemistry with it.”