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LVX Startup Delay Mod

During the development of LVX, our 9V adapter, MXR and Cioks supplies were used for testing. After the initial release of LVX some users have reported that certain 3rd party power supplies were not powering up their LVX consistently.
This is a hardware startup delay mod which increases compatibility with a wider range of 3rd party power supplies. This mod is already included on any LVX shipped direct from Meris as of Nov 10, 2022.
NOTE: If your LVX is already powering up with your current power supply, this mod is not necessary.

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*Terms & Conditions

How to get the mod

Please submit a legitimate/active email address in order to receive instructions via email. Within the order confirmation email you’ll receive instructions to return your LVX direct to Meris for the LVX startup delay mod. It will make your LVX start up slightly slower (you may not even notice) and because of this, it will also work with a wider range of 3rd party power supplies. *Exclusive to the original LVX warranty holder. Offer available direct from Meris in the USA and regions not covered by distribution. (if you reside in an area outside of the USA please email us here for instructions:
IMPORTANT: please put your LVX serial number in the “order notes” box at checkout