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REOPEN – All Repairs/Mods

We are now reopened worldwide for repairs and modifications. Thank you all for your patience during these unprecedented times while we continue to navigate COVID-19. For now, we are contacting everyone via email (first come, first serve) who have been on our waiting list. For those who wish to place a new request, please email/call us direct:
While COVID-19 continues to evolve by the day, we’re continuing to operate under strict guidelines.

Please read below if your Meris unit is applicable for a mod. (Note: All newer purchases of Meris pedals already include this mod.)

Mod update:
For those who use MIDI and/or presets and want a way to change ALT parameters without auto-saving the current sound, read on:
We’ve listened to our MIDI preset users and developed a mod:
-Allows a new way to access ALT parameters without auto-saving a preset. (You can now access the Alt parameters w/o auto-saving by holding the Right LED/button while turning a knob.)
-For ENZO: The mod also enables more control over Enzo’s fully wet volume. There is a new 6dB volume taper at the end of the MIX knob for controlling fully wet volume.
Again, All NEW pedals already include this mod. If your pedal does not have a barcode above the serial number (see image), you would need to ship your unit to us for the mod, which involves opening the chassis.

-Terry, Angelo + Jinna